Little League Baseball: Morristown National Hangs On For Quip Victory

MORRISTOWN — Steve Bergeman was on a mound, feeling confused.

At first, he suspicion Morristown National had degraded Tri-Town on a double play. But a hosts didn’t applaud utterly so quickly.

With one out and a bases loaded, David McFadden of Tri-Town strike a grounder to initial base. Morristown National attempted to spin two, though Matt Shuhet had already crossed a plate. But afterwards Shuhet went behind to third, followed by Morristown National catcher Tom Montfort.

After some protests and reason by a umpires, McFadden was called out, though Shuhet scored to move Tri-Town within a run with dual out in a bottom of a sixth and final inning.

Bergeman struck out Jacen Worsdorfer to finish a game, giving Morristown National a difficult 8-7 victory.

“I was thinking, ‘Wait, what?’ ” Bergeman said. “I was so happy once they called (Shuhet) out, and so unhappy once they called us behind (on a field) since he wasn’t out. … we was so shaken on that final guy. Two strikes, and we didn’t know what to do. we had to trust myself.”

Morristown National will play Randolph East in a subsequent turn of a District 1 Tournament on Monday during a Par-Troy East Complex. Randolph East went undefeated in pool play, and has degraded Hanover and crosstown opposition Randolph West by a total 16 runs to only one.

As in their initial diversion of a District 1 Tournament, Morristown National had to come from behind. Chris Roon’s fly round to left core gathering in T.J. Lesko and Markus Truumees, giving Tri-Town a 2-0 lead with one out in a bottom of a first.

But Morristown National scored 3 runs with dual out in a tip of a second, as James Wolf’s only inside a left margin line gathering in Joe Oettinger and Lucas Schuntz, and Wolf himself came home on a furious pitch.

“It’s in districts, so it’s a large deal,” pronounced Lesko, whose comparison hermit Zach was partial of a Tri-Town group that won District 1 in 2009. “It would be cold to do what he did.”

Pat Sullivan of Morristown National and Shuhet any had home runs in a fourth inning. Wolf doubled, and Sullivan’s two-run blast to right gathering them both into a throng of teammates around home image during Burnham Park. Shuhet responded, branch a 3-2 fastball over a core margin fence.

Shuhet finished 1-for-2 with that home run, a walk, a strikeout, and dual runs scored. Lesko was 2-for-4 with dual doubles.

“I was looking for it,” pronounced Shuhet, who played only his second diversion with Tri-Town. “I knew it was coming. He threw me a bend a representation before. we didn’t consider he’d chuck me a curveball on a 3-2 pitch.”

Morristown National centerfielder Pat Montfort was 2-for-4 with dual RBI. Wolf combined dual doubles and dual runs scored. Bergeman and Sullivan were any 2-for-3 with a walk.

“We’ve never had a diversion like that in a sixth inning,” Sullivan said. “We hardly done it, though we did. That’s what matters.”


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